A guide to staying connected; FaceTime

FaceTime is a great tool for two people that are both using Apple products to connect. All you need is your data or WiFi, then the calls or video calls are free!

How to use FaceTime.
Accessible on your iPhone, iPad, iMac or MacBook.

1. Click on the FaceTime icon
2. Log in using your Apple ID & password
3. Type in name, email address or number of the person you would like to contact
3a. Please note these contacts must have an apple device to receive the Facetime call
4. Next to the name shown click the video icon to make a video call or the phone icon to make a phone call.
5. Alternatively, open your contacts icon
6. Search for the contact
7. Click on contacts name
8. Click the video icon for Facetime to make the call
9. Once the call is answered you can switch the camera to front or back view by clicking on the bottom left icon. You can also mute or unmute the call by clicking on the microphone icon
10. To end the call click on the red phone button.

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