Are Facebook Stories On the Rise?

It’s no secret that Facebook has been pushing its own version of ‘Stories’ under our noses at every opportunity possible, but it’s now taking this a step further.

As we all know, Instagram Stories are a pretty big hit – whether each of us personally uses the feature, it’s undeniable that friends, businesses, and celebrities alike seem to have embraced them since their launch in August last year.

But now, Facebook is pushing us even harder to welcome their own version of Stories into our social media lives, by giving Instagram users the ability to share their Stories from the visual-centric app to Facebook.

“Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.”

This functionality is currently in testing stages, so we’re not sure if it’s here to stay, or what this will mean for both social media platforms, but it’s safe to say that Facebook is trying its very hardest to have us use its own version of Stories as much as we use Instagram’s.

So – will this added function make a difference? Sure, a one click-button makes it easier to share our content across both platforms, but will users bother with this? Do users want to see different content across both platforms, or will the unity across both be something that’s been a long time coming? Time will tell, and with this, we’ll see if Facebook Stories become as big as their counterpart’s, or if they remain an unused afterthought.

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