BBD Does the Oscars

With Oscar fever in the air, we thought we’d run our very own BBD awards in the office, and see who came out on top…

First up is the Best Newcomer award. Although only having been with us here at BBD for a few months, our winner has definitely made an impact! A girl of many talents, a lover of naps and macaroni, she’s been a strong asset to the team already. It’s for this reason that we’re happy to announce our Best Newcomer: Amy Storrar!

Next up – Best Production Design. We’re all keen foodies at BBD, but lunch time is always a major Production in the office for one person in particular. Surprising us every day with his creative (and envy-inspiring!) meals, we could give this award to no one other than Gordon Brown!

Now, our Best Dressed award! A good time was spent sifting through our nominees, and we finally have a winner. This award goes to one of the finest ladies in the office who always looks her best, whether that be in her white fluffy jumper we all love so much, or her sexy kick-ass boots, the Best Dressed award goes to the one and only Lorna Hull!

Everyone loves a good song in the office, so our Best Soundtrack winner proved to be tricky to pick. Many a day in the BBD office has been spent deciding on a radio station to suit us all, but whatever one we decide on, our Best Soundtrack winner will be sure to sing along – the winner is our own Lynsey Campbell!

True success is not done for individual glory, but for the commitment to and love of the team.

Next, our Action Hero award! We had such a hard time deciding on this one that we have not one, but two winners! These guys give us all a run for our money – the healthiest eaters in the office, and probably the fittest too! Whilst some of love nothing more than a pig out and a long lie, these two can more than often be found at the gym! Our Action Hero award goes to Kris Kirk & Chris Lord!

Finally, our Leading Lady award! This goes to a woman who runs the BBD office till we’re all in tip-top shape, and, to put it simply, makes sure things get done! Always ready with a quirky insight to share with the team, BBD would certainly be a quieter place without her – a huge congratulations to Lyianne Carson!

As you can see, websites and branding aren’t all we do here, we’re quite a talented bunch!

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